Thursday, February 01, 2007

Anybody Wanna Drink Before the War?

It is war. A war against drugs. In war, everthing goes baby. It is us against the monsters. This de-humanised enemy. It is war, in war we kill. In war, we hurt. In war, we destroy. It is war baby. So that we secure a future. It is war, so that we can be safe soon. It is war baby, so that our children will be saved, can be safe. It is war baby, we have to kill them. Its us or them. Us or them. It is war. And pray to God that only us will remain. Can remain. Remain standing. Justice. Infinite justice. Infinite war.

A recent book by Giogio Agamben "The State of Exception" explains this age of war. The book is the second segment of a tetralogy of the world we see today. This age of war, ofsiege. This world of war. infinite wars. It explains the theory and juriprudence of states of exception. It explains how law and war rhymes. It explains how moderns can wage wars of right, wars of righteousness. It is a lineage of exception. There is no war that is unjust. If law fails, there is always God. There are always exceptions.

War is ugly. But war is necessary. Its us dying or them dying baby. Think of the future. Our children. Our lives. Think of the future when there will be no wars. Imagine that. That utopia. When only we are left. Think of that baby. Think of that as we drink before the war. Think of that as we kill with heavy hearts. It is war baby. Those we kill are not humans. Collaterals.

It is war baby. Those monsters should know. Should know that it is war. Should know that we will kill them. Should know not to come into our kill zone. Should know about us. Should know. Should know. They should fucking know that this is a war. And in war, there is an exception. An exception that suspends these bastards as life. As human. An exception that strips them of humanity. An exception that justifies killing these vermin.

Ask the ghosts of Auschwitz. Ask the ghosts in the killing fields. Ask the ghosts in Rwanda. They should know. Should know that its war baby. Its always war. Us or them. Us or them. You want a drink? A drink before the war?

Go to bed baby. Take the children with you. Tell them its war baby. Its war for you, its war for them. For all of us. Tell them we are killing vermin. Make them understand. Its war baby. Go to sleep baby. Its war. Its right. Its just. Its us. Never them.

I'll come along soon baby. I'll come to bed soon. I'll come home soon. The war will end soon baby. It will end when all of the vermin are dead. Soon baby soon. Dead. Then it'll end baby. When They are all dead. I'll be home soon baby. Just need a drink. A little drink. Its war baby. Its war.

Quote of the Day --

"And you live in a shell
You create your own hell
You live in the past
And talk about war" -- Sinead O'Connor, Drink Before the War


Anonymous kk said...

An excellent riposte to all those war-mongers! We can cite one million stats for/against death penalty but it boils down to this doeasn't it? Good stuff

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Millions of innocent people have been sacrificed! While you the leaders of the Party, got rich at the people’s expense! You’ve amassed incredible wealth! You’ve stolen estates, built castles for yourselves and betrayed and oppressed your own people! Our ideals, our morals, our beliefs, our soul … you’ve dragged through the mud! Your never-ending greed for power …”

General Wilhelm Burgdorf (1895 – 1945)
German Wehrmacht

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and who pays the price of war

remember the song
"Where have all the flowers gone"

6:47 PM  

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