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To continue the vulgarisation of the notion of welfarism, the Singapore media highlighted a few forum letters from new Singaporeans who have experienced the "crush" of funding a welfare state. A letter by a former Finn has earned the ridicule of Singapore cyberspace. Other than criticisms directed at his foreigner status and hence, not obliged to NS liabilities, some netters probably googled his name and found that he was previously involved in an assault case against a neighbour. Apparently, his neighbour's golden retriever rushed to attack his dog and the ensuing spat resulted in the retriever being kicked and the female owner being punched in the eye. He was found guilty of causing hurt and fined $1,000.

There are more interesting google bytes of this Finn. It appears that he is no stranger to publicity and controversy other than the dog case. His name has even made the rounds in local cyberspace as actually a "hero", ironically. In a TODAY report, he was in the news because he rejected the Depart of Statistics request for him to participate in the General Household Survey. Subsequently, he was served with a warning of a possible fine of $1,000 if he failed to cooperate. The article went on to report that following his refusal, DOS staff actually knocked at his door late at night. Causing him lack of sleep. An allusion of course, to those Gestapo/KGB visit at night syndrome. In the report, the Finn goes on to defend his right to privacy and his right to decline taking part in the survey; citing the culture of Finland in his defence. As balance, he reiterates his love for Singapore on the usual cliches of it being safe and secure. This case was posted in several blogs, including Singabloodypore.

And then as you scroll down the Google list, there is a forum letter to TODAY by the same name. In the letter, the Finn actually complains about the exorbitant and arbitrary charges by a private clinic along Orchard Road for the removal of moles from his scalp. It is a a well-penned rant. Perhaps it is this experience more than any that shapes his perception of the general standard of Government healthcare in Changi hospital. Of affordable healthcare. Perhaps it was this experience which made him foreswear private clinics and opt for the cheaper hospitals.

It is really hard to imagine this Finn. His relics in cyberspace paint a strange picture. There is something uncanny about this individual. He loves Singapore, citing that its a very "safe country", but alludes to the sinister Government knocking on your door after ten syndrome. He whinges about being over-charged at a private clinic for a cosmetic procedure. He reacts violently to a neighbour over a rushing dog. He resorts to fistcuffs after probably, a heated argument with the lady. He is strangely like an Ugly Singaporean. Except that he is Finn.

But right at this juncture, based on this latest letter, it appears that he still chooses Singapore. He loves Singapore and the vaunted Singapore system. He is willing to forego some rights, some aspects of privacy. Just so to escape the "crushing taxes" in Finland. In the end, he hails : "Long Live the Singaporean Model".

And you realise that even as he comes from Finland, he shares that intrinsic value inculcated into so many Singaporeans. That value which David Marshall so despised. That worship of the Golden Calf. The eating of rice bowls full and brimming with jade chopsticks. It is money, money, money. It becomes clearer now. He is Finn but he is as Singaporean too. He buys into this system. This system of material wealth. It is a system which guards the selfish. Ask the cukongs from Indonesia. They were the first foreign talent to recognise this safe haven of money.

There are some who always tell me. Face reality. Prices will always rise. There is a global economy. I have no quarrel with that. I am not asking for North Korea. I am asking simply this. If you raise prices because you want to help the poor; than help the poor. In ways that can be seen, that can be felt. There must be change as obvious as raised prices. Its that simple.

Quote of the Day ---

"I have slain old Wainamoinen,
Slain the son of Kalevala,
That he now may plow the ocean,
That he now may sweep the waters,
On the billows rock and slumber.
In the salt-sea plunged he headlong,
In the deep sank the magician,
Sidewise turned he to the sea-shore
On his back to rock forever,
Thus the boundless sea to travel,
Thus to ride the rolling billows."

-- Kalevala, compiled by Elias Lönnrot


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u fuckin trip dude

1:17 AM  
Anonymous The Finger said...

Perhaps he epitomises the modern Singaporean in ways which we are uncomfortable acknowledging.

To rephrase your analysis:

- He revels in the safety and security of this country, but is angry when his privacy is encroached upon.

- He clearly earns plenty of money, but wants the cheapest deal possible even though he doesn't need subsidy.

- His rights must reign supreme, his wants must have primacy... until it's somebody else's rights who need to be upheld, and another person who has wants.

I agree with you, Xenoboy. No wonder this man came here. He saw so many more people like him. Selfish and feeling entitled to a rampant sense of entitlement.

We are becoming a nation of people who want to come first in the queue, who must be first in priority, so long as that inalienable personal divine right of Firstness is ours alone, and not extended to anybody behind us in the queue.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what we get for allowing white thrash in......

7:04 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

its interesting how everybody on the blogosphere wanna link the past actions of the Finn to his present comments in support of the Singapore system. If one sees the subject matter of his comments independently, then its not that illogical.

How in the world does it matter that this fella is a foreigner? One may not agree with what he says but to link his nationality with his views is plain childish...

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The finn is finished lah.

I agree with Xenoboy wholeheartedly. Scum government will attract scumbag people.

PRC scholars who run foul of the laws and finns who beat up women.

These people are not exactly nicer specimens of their homelands. Yet, they take to Singapore like fish to water.

Their own kind will rejoice their good riddance.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singapore is the product of the agglomeration of the multitudes of immigrants from near and far.

Nowadays, we attract the ones who live the Singapore ethos best, as taught by the SAF,

"Do anything but don't get caught."

What we see in PRC scholars and Fingaporeans (Mika) whacking up people are those who get caught. How many of these talons (pun intended) will rip apart our social fabric through a thousand little cuts?

Lunatic Fringe
"Living in a tragi-comedy that is 'Uniquely Singapore'!"

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the comix character "Mr Kiasu"?

This fictional creation is more realistic than we dare to imagine.

:Everything also I want:

Kiasu Kunatic King
"Living in a tragic-comedy that is 'Uniquely Singapore'!"

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wait till the finn has a chronic or terminal illness that requires expensive treatments & drugs & let's see what kind of song he will be singing about quality of life & the medical services in Singapore vs. Finland.

8:06 PM  
Blogger locky2ky said...

don't think he is a finn. he was from russia before he went to finland to leech on the free education and housing.

growing up in russia could have caused him to be haunted by the late-night-door-knocking syndrome but at the same time sharpened his survival skills - jump ship when there is no more benefit to reap.

11:45 PM  
Blogger locky2ky said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he sounds pretty fucking normal to me hah. he's part of the capitalist system which runs the world today? it's liberalist, internationalist, statist and above all, capitalist. always money-driven, wants the best for himself, not a mercantalist for sure, but greedy still. -shrugs- such is life.

3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

his being "white" doesn't have anything to do with it, racist anonymous above. moron. at least the finn bothers to say something even if you don't like his skin colour. most (66.6%) singaporeans blindly poke about their lives and then vote without saying anything, without raising any issues, or just reading their 147th press. singapore could use more people like the finn, people who are willing to speak out about societal problems. at least then we can debate them.

6:28 AM  
Blogger prettyplace said...

hahaha...many comments must be commented as well....

no need to be racist...that's true...
he being russian possibly true..hehehe

this guys IS strange..and by now he knows it too...
but it is good that he is speaking out.... albeit without proper logic to his spoken words and actions....

he truly seems like a MIWhite...hahaha

nice title xeno boy....

8:20 AM  
Anonymous The Human Battery said...

I really don't know why you people complain so much! Look at me! I am a happy I am a happy Human Battery living blissfully on my Matrix Island, governed wisely by my all-knowing Matrix Master (MM).

Go take the blue pill. You will be happy too :)

1:39 AM  
Anonymous blueheeler said...

Just keep in mind that not too long ago, all of our ancestors were foreigners to S'pore. As an immigrant society, it is inherent in our nature to embrace 'difference'. The Finn is a foreigner in S'pore, and I welcome his different perspective.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch CSJ message from prison:


5:42 AM  
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