Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Are you a prophet?

No, I am just a Singaporean.

How can you foretell things that happen in Singapore?

There is a recurring pattern in its politics.

Why do Singaporeans allow things to happen like this?

We don't allow it. We just forget.

SMRT's decision to raise fares draws mixed reactions from public
By Noor Mohd Aziz, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 25 July 2006 1954 hrs

SINGAPORE: The SMRT's decision to raise bus and train fares have drawn mixed reactions from the public.

Some say a small increase is justified but others questioned the decision, especially if the company is not making any losses.

SMRT had announced plans to adjust fares for its MRT, LRT and bus services, citing increased diesel costs.

But the public has mixed views on it - some were resigned to a fare increase but others were indignant.

SMRT plans to submit its proposal to the Public Transport Council by the August 1 deadline.

If approved, the fare increase could kick in as soon as October. - CNA /dt


What is a "mixed reaction"?

Its a non partisan and non polemical way of saying that Singaporeans are unhappy.

What are "mixed views"?

Resignation and indignation.

What does this news report mean?

Responsible factual reporting. Looking at the other half of the truth. The sun sets in the West.

Why is this report like this?

Government said so. The Bhavani Commandments.

Where is the voice of the people?

In their hearts.

Will they speak up?



We have no solutions.

What will happen?

We will forget.

I see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh so powerful

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Mr Burns said...

i did not forget, im trying to make the rest more mindful as well

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you shud consider writing professionally nd making some money out of it.

mr burns -- how come ur link goes to a german nonsense site?

8:43 AM  
Anonymous kun said...

The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting

12:51 PM  
Anonymous sinsling said...

we will forget...............

and so it is forgetten.

But xenoboy I ask u why?

Why do we forget so easily?


10:32 PM  
Anonymous Rowen said...

Singaporeans do not forget,

We are like rabbits in the cowslip's warren in watership down

Religion- Cowslip’s warren believes that that the stories about El-ahrairah and Frith are just fairy tales, stories to keep them entertained. The stones that were shaped like El-ahrairah were just a decoration. They don’t have a true religion.

Economics- Cowslip’s warren (singapore) is a warren built by humans (PAP). The humans harvest these rabbits, but they do not know it. The humans let them have an abundant food supply, and have set up snares all around the warren. Everything in this warren seems free, but it comes with a deadly price.

Family- Cowslip’s warren doesn’t place a lot of importance on family. The does are just there for the sake of breeding, nothing else. There does not seem to be any kittens in the warren. They never notice if a rabbit is missing, either.

Government- Cowslip’s warren does not have a government. They have never had to worry about a Homba

Attacking them because the man will always shoot it with his gun. The man does the same to other animals who could harm the rabbits. Also, they never have to worry about a food shortage either, because they can always get into the man’s garden.

Education- The rabbits are taught that the tales of El-ahrairah are nothing but myths. Also, they never learn about survival because the man takes care of all their problems. These rabbits are ignorant about the outside world.

source from

That is what i think.....

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Rowen said...

Or are we like this other warren?
Education- The rabbits start out learning in their early ages from all rabbits in the warren. They are told stories of El-ahrairah and ask many questions. Later in life they pretty much learn on their own or when they see something new they ask and elder.
Religion- Efrafa follows the same religions as the other warrens do. They all follow the same Lapine religion. Once again, Frith is the sun god, with El-Ahrairah being the rabbit prince/hero.
Economics- Efrafa’s economy is run completely by it’s government. They control the amount of rabbits, what the rabbits do, and when they do it. It is very related to the communist government system.
Family- Families in Efrafa are based up what Mark they are in. A Mark is a division of rabbits that belong to a group that all have the same scars on different parts of their body. (For example: The Right Hind Mark)
Government- General Woundwort is the leader, or Chief Rabbit, of the Efrafa warren. He controls everything that happens in the warren. If he does not make a decision, his council of elder rabbits makes decisions for him. The government keeps all of the rabbits under strict rules. They keep the rabbits under control from rebelling by telling them all of their life that there are a lot of horrible enemies beyond the warren that would instantly kill them if they tried to escape.
Education- The rabbits are taught by their parents or foster parents in their Mark. If they are strong or large rabbits, they are educated by their Owsla and General Woundwort to fight and defend their warren.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before the 2006 Election, I told my friends that PAP stands for Pay and Poo. The pay you Progess Package, then they shit all over you when the election is over.

Nice to be proven right.


11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I disagree with that analogy even though it seems very common in our understanding of Singapore. It is always too easy to lay blame on Singaporeans as "rabbits" or as beings which lack agency. But what of yourself? You who are able to see?

if I dare try to dissect Xenoboy, what he is trying to say is precisely the opposite. Singaporeans are powerful and the majority actually aceepts this situation. They agree to the trade-off and make do with what they have. Even if it causes them a little discomfort.


Why do we forget? From a psychology viewpoint it is easy. Our mind always shuts out the painful and seeks the comfort. Path of leastest resistance. Pain is always repressed or forgotten.

thats why we probably remember the Progress Package. The monetary carrots. etc etc. And when pain comes, especially in small ten-cent doses, we forget it.


12:01 AM  

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