Monday, November 07, 2005

Cynics With Utter Faith

I am XenoBoy. I am the Political Savant.
There is an understanding that during the Nazi Holocaust program, Jews were systematically and deliberately exterminated. They were exterminated not as humans but as lice. The Holocaust is a program. Gas chambers were ingeniously engineered, railways were mapped, camps were designed for the purpose of extermination. It was a scientific process. Logical and efficient Nazi engineering.

Behind this program were countless agents of the State. They had designated jobs and functional responsibilities. Strip the Jews. Sieve through belongings. Push the green button. These agents were human beings. They are people, normal people just like you and me. They may not have liked the Reich, but they had utter faith in the Reich. Taken at each compartmentalized juncture, these people were just doing their jobs. Taken as a totality, it was the Holocaust Program.

There was a scientific-rational engineering pillar to the Program which is counter-balanced by the rhetorical pillar of the Program. The invocation of Race beyond the Present into a Future Past. The Volk. (Note : For an exposition of rhetorical programming, please see the maiden entry in Sin Galore,

No. This entry is not about the impending hanging of Nguyen from Australia. On that issue, there is only one question which all the conflicting parties in cyberspace have not asked : why have a Presidential Pardon if it is never used? Dangling an Illusion of Hope?
This entry is about Singaporeans. Especially the cynics with utter faith. This entry is for politicians who wish to prosper in Singapore. To understand that herein the majority of the Singapore polity lies this great contradiction of perspective. A contradiction which has been evolved by the efficient subtle Singapore system. One hopes there are less cynics with utter faith with each successive generation. But this is the here and the now. By dint of the make-up of a cynic, it is hard to reach his/her core. The other part of the equation, the utter faith is where one can work on.
In quasi-benign political systems of total domination, hardcore or softcore, the system functions, prospers not only by Pure Terror, Vague Terror, Referential Terror, Legal Terror. It is only one end of the ruling spectrum. The system employs Singaporeans, cynics with utter faith, but compartmentalizes the processes. So that they remain cynics without access to the True Referent. The Big Picture. They complain, they chirp, they grumble. But utter faith remains. First, with the creation of an efficient Infrastructure Program and corresponding efficient processes, instilling an unwavering pride in the system. A Nation of Firsts. Second, with a Rhetorical Program through total domination of the spectacle producing elements in general society. Hence, the System hums.
The totality of Program Singapore must first be grasped. At each level, each agent of the state must recognise this totality before utter faith can be truly chipped away and not fall into the action-less embrace of utter cynicism. Introduce the seed of doubt into efficiency which fosters counter-action, even blind counter-action. Deconstruct the rhetorical program and Reconstruct Singapore.
The PAP will not fall in one day.
I am XenoBoy. I am the Political Savant.
Quote of the Day,
"And she leads him gently through the vast landscape of Lamentation, shows him the columns of temples, the ruins of strongholds from which long ago the princes of Lament wisely governed the country. Shows him the tall trees of tears,the fields of flowering sadness ... And we, who always thinkof happiness as rising feel the emotion that almost overwhelms uswhenever a happy thing falls." -- Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if not one day than a century?????!!!?!?!

8:52 PM  
Blogger clyde said...

Haha..come on now Xeno, don't steal the hopes and dreams of anonymous people such as the one above.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singaporeans will never vote for opposition as long as their stomachs are full and minds and hearts empty.

10:10 PM  

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