Thursday, August 04, 2005

Molly – The Goddess Blogger and the Other Unseens

I am XenoBoy. I am the Political Savant.

I usually take exception at the Singapore media for poor reporting. I take exception again. A recent article laments (?) the lack of serious bloggers in Singapore. That is incorrect. Serious bloggers in Singapore are abound but they will never make the Straits Times because they are un-Named. I take the premier Blog Goddess, Molly Meek as an example.

In each construction of an entry, Molly slices with a precision at the contradiction that is Singapore that whitens the white to a point where the observer closes his/her eyes and sees black :

If even Molly the highly acclaimed bimbo-next-door of Singapore knew back then that diverting traffic could make other roads congested, why does the CNA report: “Alternative routes congested as evening ERP on CTE starts”? http://www.livejournal.

Besides Molly, who are the un-Named? Others I may cite are Trowa , WhiteOut, the crew at Sg Ink and more recently, Mr Wang himself.

Imagine again : A Straits Times weekly pull-out column. Features Molly’s latest seminal narrative contortion as a tribute to our 40th years of existence :

Since there is a call for greater emphasis on Literature, Molly shall start this entry proper by making her virgin attempt at a literary analysis of our very own local classics. In other words, Molly will not be examining the political tracts of Catherine Lim or the poetry of Alfian Sa’at. Molly will write a critical appreciation of the lyrics of a classic community song, “One People, One Nation, One Singapore.” If readers want it, Molly will deconstruct analyze each of these melodious songs one by one. As Molly strives to provide premier blog services to her readers, they are also allowed to dedicate the songs (complete with Molly’s analyses) to their family, friends, political leaders, MPs and so on.

This can be followed by Trowa’s observation of the mandatory Government household survey :

The main concern is that, whatever instuition, be it a government or an intelligence agency, if it intends to carry out what it deems to be "research", must proceed with a code of ethics in mind. It doesn't imply that a simple adherance to rules and guidelines is sufficient, but the participant must be also approached ethically; his/her consent must be obtained, his well-being (even for a survey questionaire) must be assured and in no way, should a participant be coerced to volunteer any information he/she is not comfortable with. (

And of course, another column by WhiteOut on the Singapore economic situation on the ground :

As a citizen, we shouldn't rely on the government, and instead work hard for our own survival in society, right? But I thought the government is supposed to help their citizens, and not add oil to fire? The northern residential part of Singapore is more developed now (think Sengkang) and naturally there are more vehicles utilizing the CTE in the evening to head home, how does extending the ERP timings at night from August 1st help ease the north-bound traffic condition? People still need to head home right? (

And end perhaps with something light hearted from Deus Ex Machina :, Singapore's most famous pink blog, got hacked on Wednesday. The result is that much of her blog's archives apparently got wiped out. The trademark pink background was replaced by a white one.

Pandemonium resembling that after the London bombings exploded on the streets when the news broke. Many of Xiaxue's fans are reportedly distraught upon knowing of the demise of their favourite blog. Some are undergoing counseling at the moment, with one in the intensive care unit after she leapt from her third storey apartment in despair.

Twenty major newspapers around the world have made this headline news and a Singaporean tabloid did a ten-page spread on the saga. A spokesperson for Xiaxue has called for a press conference involving CNN, CNA, Fox News, BBC and Islamic Radio International, which broadcasts to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, world leaders have promised swift and decisive action in the face of the hacking. The FBI, CIA, KGB, Interpol and Singapore's very own ISD have begun joint operations to identify and apprehend the hacker. (

These are the narratives as plotted by Singapore’s unseen bloggers to gently but surely probe the slumbering jello of the Singapore political consciousness. How much cost is this pull-out for the Straits Time but as another hollow gram on the paper?

So lets say the unseen historian observers in my previous entry are stretched to mean bloggers, the un-Named ones of course, which rules out the celebrity bloggers like Brown, XX, Shianux and even Agagooga. Can these unseen observers transcend from their passive recording and find the fulcrum point for the teleos that is the Singapore political drama?

I am XenoBoy. I am the Political Savant.

Quote of the Day – “Each historical narrative renews a claim to truth … effective silencing does not require a conspiracy, not even a political consensus. Its roots are structural.” -- Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Silencing the Past


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Mmm, XenoBoy... Molly's ego is very happy now. Perhaps we could routinely tap each other's backs (as a mimicry of the white-robed gods?) to boost our (my) ego...

Molly the Goddess is very cute indeed, given the status of gods in your last entry. Maybe Molly will get artificially inseminated and give birth to Achilles...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How much cost is this pull-out for the Straits Time but as another hollow gram on the paper?"

Another hollow gram of paper, lolz datz cute. yez molly is trippingly coolz


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