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Carafa's Eye

History is rife with examples of how organisations are subverted, hijacked through the surreptitious entry of agents from rival organisations or political entities. Perhaps the first popularly documented use of this tactic is the infamous Trojan Horse used by the Greeks to breach the walls of Troy and destroy this proud militaristic regime.

The most significant refinement of this tactic occurred with the Commmunist United Front strategy formulated by Leon Trotsky and it became formally known as the tactic of "entryism". Whether in Europe, in China or even in Singapore, the Communists recognised that the key to exponentially increase their support base and importantly, also political influence, was to take over organisations and project power from and through them. The take-over of these organisations were to be led by Lenin's Revolutionary Vanguard. The key group of agents-of-influence who would infilitrate targeted organisations, and from within eventually seize control of these organisations to enact the party's political objectives. Entryism became an important force multiplier for the Communists and the tactic itself remains even as the ideology which spawned it lies in the dust of History.

This particular tactic of entryism is relevant to Singapore indeed as the PAP came into power exactly through this. But the brutal irony was that they did it to the Communists who had in turn, done it against the British.

Perhaps History does move around in circles.

As the AWARE controversy escalates and more truths come under the harsh scrutiny of light, there are seemingly disparate pieces of information which are starting to coagulate into a slightly disturbing pattern.

That AWARE was a victim of entryist tactics is now clear as day. By the admission of the New Exco and more revealingly, by the unveiling of the Feminist Mentor, Thio Su Mien, AWARE had been subjected to an orchestrated take-over. Having read through their statements deeper, what they were trying to hide in their come-clean session were not their religious motivations. What appears to be their main defence was that they are not "organised". There is a key difference here. The New Exco since day one and since their revelations have been stressing that what they did was not organised. Even Thio Su Mien insists that she just sent a few random emails, and only mentor the women occasionally. When you deny something so vehemently, it only opens the enquiry in that direction.

Then, the role of Church of Our Savior and its Senior Pastor came to light. Many, probably including myself, started to think that the orchestrated take-over was conducted under the auspices of COOS. That it was a group within COOS attempting to enforce their religious beliefs on the rest of Singapore. If this is the simple picture, than the end-game is near. There is no possibility that COOS will be allowed to function as it had. The government, no matter how slow or clueless, will never allow the church institution to be used for such purposes.

But what if COOS itself was the victim of a steeplejack? That COOS, just like AWARE, has already been overrun and taken over? This hypothesis cannot be rejected. What happened in AWARE cannot be isolated exclusively. We have to examine other possibilities, examine other connections.

There is a church practice not commonly known to the layperson. This practice relates to the notion of "love gifts". Such gifts, usually in cash, are made to the church or to the pastors in recognition of their contribution to God's cause. As in all religious practices, we assume that such love gifts are given with no strings attached. It’s an act of faith. But then, such a practice can easily be misused. Surely, if faith and piety in this practice is corrupted, a situation could arise where particularly wealthy congregants could exert inordinate influence?

It is not in the realm of fantasy that perhaps there could really be a deeper, underground organisation or fellowship at play here. Other than AWARE and COOS, there could be other organisations at risk or already subverted. Perhaps, there could even be other organisations set up ostensibly with a secular agenda but inexorably linked to this underground council to gently extend its tentacles into society.

Perhaps Josie Lau's past actions needs to be re-considered in this light. She drew much flak for her credit card promotion which provided money to Focus on the Family. From its website FOTF appears hardly a Christian organisation. But its links to a notorious US based evangelical network was easily exposed. So is FOTF another steeple-jacked organisation with links to this deeper organisation?

We have to uncover what remains hidden.

Quote of the Day --

"The new age that You are preparing to inaugurate will have to forget its anonymous architects, the ones who have seen to it that events fitted together in accordance with the plan. The illustrious names of the defeated and the victors remain in the chronicles, available to anyone who wants to reconstruct the intricate events of an era and that which it produced. When those deeds are long gone and those lives have made way for the future, not a trace will remain of that silent army of soldiers of fortune and obscure labyrinth-builders. So it is only a matter of hastening the moment of that disappearance, just enough to allow us to escape the final execution." -- Q, Luther Blissett


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Anonymous paper chaser said...

Maybe you can add a law firm to the list. It is common knowledge that when TSM was head honcho of one of Singapore's top law firms, she transformed the entire office into a pseudo church. Suddenly, there were mass prayers, instructions that only her same faith lawyers could handle certain files and the most amazing thing that you had to mutter a prayer before entering her sanctuary to see her. Creepy but true.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irony is her daughter, Thio Li-AnnDr Thio Li-ann teaches and has published widely in the fields of public international law, human rights law, constitutional and administrative law.
Will her mother's firm employs non-Christians? If so, will they face a glass ceiling in promotion?

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm wonder which authority in sg have the power to check a church a/c har? ... possible can of worms lor

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Anonymous lowyer said...

paper chaser : ur a lawyer? heard of these stories too ^___^

12:12 PM  
Anonymous dj pbk said...

glad to see u back

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I am hearing from former members of COOS is that this was a much different church more than 5 years ago.

A different agenda.

A different set of pastors.

Then, for some reason, a group of pastors leaving the church, with Derek Hong and his faction victorious.

You are right in considering if COOS itself was steeplejacked.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ditto anon above, there was a mass exodus and the church direction changed. ditto also on the issue of love gifts, highly prone to misuse

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FOTF chairman tan thuan seng --> guess whch church he is from lalalalalala

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happening in aware office now, go see

3:28 AM  
Anonymous big lawyer said...

Erm actually if you think TSM's antic during ehr time as head boss of law firm was bad than you know only half the story.

Some time last year, I got a mail through a fren to attend a gathering at a big shot's place at coronation road. Curious, I attended, and lo and behold the hosts were none other than TSM and her hubby. Surpisingly, some of the other guests were like high fliers type in Sg. (erm yeah I am dat type)

Dinner was decent enough, some mindless banter and passable local fare. So after dinner, suddenly all the guests were ushered to the basement. SHOCK number two. The entire basement of their house is rigged up like a freaking mini Church!!!! Started to feel the chill in the back of my spine. Suddenly the food is sitting uncomfortably in my stomach. Than spontaneously, some sermonising started led by Thio's husband. She's standing there looking like a horror movie high priestess and acting possessed. Than the "slaying" started ... this is like excorcism. Some of the what I think "regulars" starting touching people on the head and chanting and people are falling. There is wailing and tongues.

For the unbeliever group like myself staring agape and shocked suddenly someone comes to us and sermonises, telling us to convert to the Lord. the rst of night was hazy and I remember leaving the place nauseated and exhausted.

Till this day, I have avoided the "fren" who invited me. This may be THE secret cult group coz some of the people are really powerful types.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Alan Wong said...

Big lawyer,

Wow, if what u say is true, this is real scary. Day, by day, the plot seems to be getting thicker.

Maybe this can explain why TSM has a smirk smile on her face, the smile of a cult leader.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the part on the church in the basement is true, heard it before. But dunno wat goes on inside. But yar scaryx10

12:50 PM  
Anonymous FallenX said...

paper: D & N when TSM was number one :-) amen

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true that Gregory Vijayarendran, the legal counsel for Aware yesterday, is a regular member of Dr Thio's monthly prayer group at her law office premises?

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Mr Average said...

FM Thio does stay at coronation road, her house number quite got sexual meaning some more. I also have heard rumors of these pray sessions before but not enough power points to be invited. :P

9:29 PM  
Anonymous gillian said...

big lawyer -- To be honest, I was a teeny bit skeptical until I read the following article:


8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Last February, a USSPN Washington Regional Coordinator was present during a report given by an international lawyer from Singapore, Thio Su Mien (Su), who is gifted in prophetic intercession and healing.

She explained how the SARS virus hit Singapore a year prior to the earthquake/tsunami. The Lord alerted the intercessors and told them that if they did not get on their faces and repent on behalf of their nation's involvement in abortion as the contraceptive of choice, that the land would suffer from His hand of judgment.

Because they saw how devastating the SARS virus had been, the intercessors immediately took action to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Singapore was not touched by the earthquake disaster.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

COOS - Josie and the other exco member, together with TSM - FM and their Pastor Derek had a clear objective to take over AWARE. This was a calculated plan conceived since 2007 because CEDAW fell under the umbrella of AWARE. Their attack on CSE program that also fell under the umbrella of AWARE was used as a diversionary tactic to mask their true intentions. It was very evident they kept demanding for the latest Shadow Report that Brema Mathi possessed that the Singapore Goverment who is signatory since 1995 has reports to CEDAW for their monitoring purpose for UN - United Nations.

The very reasons why Singapore Goverment could not get involved or show they are bias to the AWARE saga for reason of legality. To believe it may have politcal implication from the undertones is evident when many people were saying ST and MSM were on the side of the old guards instead of the new - former - exco who were there as new blood and change.

This is a war, where the christian fundamentalist are the aggressors, conspirators, coup plotters, who are not working alone in Singapore. These fundies have been known to have foreign connections of churches in US and Australia. The doctrines and teachings they are using is clearly a homophobic, monger fearing, militant behavior in context with our developed society. Thats why many singaporean or to that fact even the AWARE members and previous exco were caught off their guard in terms of the take over.

This scenario now is being viewed as religious faction testing or crossing the boundaries of a secular organization. However, if the points to connect is right as how I see it,... I think this is more a fanatical faction that has deep underlying political tones which was trying to find a platform to corner the Singapore State Government to take a position on civil issues in a very conservative way. It could mean that if Josie & her exco with the support of TSM and COOS were to still be in control of AWARE today, then it goes without saying they could have a affected the position of the Singapore Government liberalization on many issues by controlling CEDAW through reporting to UN.

We have to think clearly these are people with good upbringings and education. Many of you would wonder why a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Vice - President of a Bank, a Church Pastor and other prominent positions in our civil society would want to have a fundamentalist belief with homophobic undertones cast a big divide on society today? Well its something we all have to consider and think about from now. Because we know these fundamentalist are still out there set up another plan and choose another course of action. I wont be surprise if one day this entire faction of Josie and her husband doctor, her gang of 7, their FM - TSM as well as COOS and their Pastor Derek will be disbanded quietly by Singapore Government. There are political undertones that work mysteriously in Singapore to advice them to move on to the next chapter of history.

8:32 AM  

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